Saturday, November 29, 2008

new artist - Kara

Happy holidays, I know I'm a little late on the festive thanks and all but its the thought that counts. Now that the holidays have died down I've decided to bring a nice, new present and her name is Kara. I've seen this lady in Berkeley numerous times and have had a few conversations with her. She's mos def a people person and her voice is amazing. She's from my home town, Berkeley California, now residing in the ATL. Some say her change of residence will effect her music for the worst, I personally doubt it, once a wonderful artist always a wonderful artist no matter the situation. Check her music myspace out -

Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Music - P.Funk

New music from an artist I've known of for about a year now. He goes by P.Funk, shaking it up on the south side of Frisco. P.Funk first caught my eyes and held onto my ears when I heard his harsh winter flow on "Burdens of His Youth". A deep song about the game, the block, and the end results of a quick shoot to fame. Some times I wonder if people who listen to that song can really comprehend what he's talking about. Right now his first mixtape is online and yes, you can download it! And if I'm not mistaken I can feel a new mixtape vibe coming, so look out for unofficial remixes and even new music on his music page; .

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Artist - Casey Veggies

So for the people that truly know me they know that I talk about this kid's music like he's god. I normally get the same response "what the hell is so good about him?" I just let 'em hear the music, believe me it speaks for itself. Casey veggies, 15, is one of the most refreshing flows I've heard coming out of LA ( or atleast for his age). The music he creates is savage w. hints of Kanye West sentence stuctures that go hand-and-hand w. smooth beats. Check the music out on CV's myspace page - . Yo' if you like what you hear check out and download his first tape Customized Greatly Vol.1

Monday, November 10, 2008

Allow me to reintroduce myself. . .

Yo! Thanks for coming through, this blog is brought to you courtesy of The LP, Laced Projects. An introduction seems so selfish but this blog is run by Bay Area citizens. We cover every level of culture whether it be the graff in the bart tunnel to the opening of a new store near the triangle in berkeley. We're anti-hate and pro-promotion, meaning we put everyone on who has talent. Stay posted, it may take a while for us to get the blog to the top but believe us its going some where.