Saturday, October 24, 2009

Why not plug the big homie T.I & the boy Chris Brown. The movie surrounds an experienced group of criminals who pull of bank robberies with ease, not leaving a single trace. As the group continues to strip banks of all monatary wealth they decide to pull off one last gig, a gig thats stakes are higher and riskier.

Oddisee x Diamond District (video)

Oddisee hasnt gotten any love on the blog so far, not to say that his work is tawdry its actually legit, we just never gave him a chance. Soooo, why not? Oddisee speaks about sampling, his group Diamond District, and his influences that go into his musical process. (Artist bio coming mad soon)

Cookin' Soul x Tupac new edition "Night of the Living Dead part 2" (trailer)

Cookin' Soul does it once again! The first edition featured the Notorious B.I.G, now for their second round they have given 2pac his rightful placement. Taking old lyrics and laying them over new beats and some classic horror movie soundtracks, Cookin' Soul has reinvented - to some degree - 2pacs buzz. enjoy!

Blu Live in New York (video)

Blu & Exile unite again to perform live in new york city. Is he a rapper again? Lets hope so!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

J.Cole & the LA Leakers speak on Drake

Drake? overhyped? indeed. you know we show the most love to Drake but the mainstream changes your view of people. . .in a nutshell "Let his nuts go!"