Thursday, July 16, 2009

Carolina Stand up!

The one and only J. Cole has officially become the newest signee ( and hardest spitter if I say so myself ) for the ROC Nation. If you havent yet heard J. Cole we highly advice that you peep his myspace, download both mixtapes, and hit youtube up for videos and freestyles. To this day we dont understand how so many people have slept on this young man, when we say he spits. . . he spits no frontin' over here. But back to business, as the new signee and right hand to Jay ( well we cant speak on that one, as J. Cole would say "dont wanna spill no beans") but J. Cole spits a few bars to the famous Dj Kay Slay - check it out (shout outs to 2dopeboyz)

Mixtape: The Warm Up
Video: J. Cole x Dj Kay Slay

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