Saturday, August 22, 2009

Casey Veggies CG vol 2. . finally released!

Yo! We've waited almost 20 years in hiphop time (technically 2 months) for the great Casey Veggies to drop his second mixtape Custimzed Greatly volume 2. Well no more waiting he finally dropped it! The mixtape includes great features by other unsigned artist from LA along the lines of: H.O.P.E, Carter, Dom Kennedy, C-San, with excellent production. So wait are you waiting for? go download it!

1. The Same Difference
2. Back for another one(Feat. Tyler, the Creator!, Hodgy Beats) (Prod. By Tyler, the creator)
3. It’s All Good
4. 1993
5. Dreams & Egos ll(Feat. H.O.P.E) (Prod. By Uncle Dave)
6. A Real Interlude
7. ADayInTheLifeOfCaseyJones(Prod. by Beats4Clothes)
8. Only one can win
9. Rolling By (Prod. by Hellagood productions)
10. Networking (Prod. by Tyler, the creator)
11. Billion Dollar Rain(Feat.Carter, Dom Kennedy,C-San) (Prod. By Radio)
12. Her Gold Medal (Prod. By Beats4Clothes)
13. I’m Shaded (Prod. By Super 3)
14. So So rapper
15. (?)
16. Purple Cows(Feat. C-San, Three-One-Zero, Convinced, Kevin Mak, Overdoz, U-N-I, El Prez, Skeme, Pac Div) (Prod. By Super 3)
17. Finnally Something Different (Prod. By Tyler, the creator)
18. I Fell Asleep(Feat. Rich Hil) (Prod. by Beats4Clothes)
19. I’m Right Here (Feat. Reese Dollaz)

Download: Customized Greatly Vol 2

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